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is it impossible to find a simple purse? A backpack purse?

My old one is worn out. Like, it was worn out 3 months ago. But I can’t replace it. Because a) most purses are totes or hobos or clutches or laughably huge. I don’t want some shit digging into my shoulder or making my arm hurt or getting covered in my armpit hair, so I elect for backpacks. Yet every backpack purse on the market (or so it appears) is one of the following:

Not an actual backpack purse. There is only one strap and therefore a sling and therefore for suckers.

Stupidly easy to steal from. Hey, look at me, I have virtually no closing mechanism, look inside! Is that a tablet?

HIDEOUSLY UGLY. Like some of them will turn you to stone. 

Covered in four million pockets that I DO NOT NEED.

Not having the one pocket I do need. (One with a zipper on the inside.)

Ridiculously huge or ridiculously small. Why are you making backpacks for leprechauns?

Did I mention that they are all UGLY AS SIN?


How to Survive a Bear Attack

Summary: If it is a Grizzly, you are probably fucked.

(via interwar)